SAP web services - Consuming a webservice and surfacing them in SAP for others to use

There are many ways to consume and surface web services with SAP including using the visual composer, SAP Pi and standard ABAP functionality using SE80 and automatially generated enterprise services (abap proxy).

Call web service using ABAP and enterprice service
This is a very simple way of consuming a webservice using an SAP enterprise service and callinng using an ABAP program. All you need is a WSDL

Consume a Web Service for older SAP systems
This is out dated now but just incase you are on an old version of SAP this shows you how to consume a webservice using an ABAP proxy and the obsolete transaction code LPCONFIG .

Provide a Web Service using standard ABAP and SE80
This is a very simple way of providing a webservice from SAP to the outside world using standard ABAP functionality. Creates a WSDL from and ABAP function module.

SAP VC applications
Creating simple visual composer applications to consume BAPI function modules or external web services (WSDL's)

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