Modifying Standard SAP System and help Menu options

Maybe you have created some new functionality that you want to roll out to everybody. One of the easiest ways to do this is to attached the new transaction or report functionality to the global 'SYSTEM' or 'MENU' menu option. Please follow these simple steps to implement this modification to your SAP system.

Step 1 - Edit the menu object
The first step is to use Menu Painter via transaction SE41 and enter program MENUSYST, status MEN and click change button.

Step 2 - System user interface warning
You will now get a warning as this is an important user interface components and you need to be care you don't cause an issue that could effect every transaction in your SAP system. As the message says functions closely cooperate with the kernel so ideally should not be modified and you should not use dynamic texts. Dont worry we are not going to do any modification despite how it seems so far. Once inside we will be using the enhance icon to add any new functionality.

Step 3 - Maintain in original or logon language
The next message asks if you want to maintain in it's original language or your login language. Do whatever you usually do but i would say maintain in logon language as that will be the language you will create any text in.

Step 4 - Modify
You will now see a message saying that any changes will be done via an enhancement rather than a modification.

Step 4b - In very old SAP system modify SAP Standard by adding function codes
In very early SAP systems you will now be presented with the menu options that currently appear on your system menu in edit mode so you have the opportunity to add a new entry.

Step 5 - Modify
You will now see a message saying that any changes will be done via an enhancement rather than a modification.

Step 6 - Existing menu options
Now expand the menu bar and then the SYSTEM menu to see all the menu entries for it.

Step 7 - Add new entry
Place cursor on the greyed out option at end

Press the add icon and then press ok

Now give the entry a code and some text

Step 8 - Save
Now save the new entry creating a new transport entry

Enter title for transport

Step 9 - Activate new function and user interface
For the new function code click on it and click activate function code or via Extras menu and choose 'Active functions in multiple statuses'

Function will now turn orange

Now activate the overall user interface

Step 10 - Test
Now return to the main SAP home screen and try the system menu, You should now see the new option. Please not this will not actually do anything yet as there is no code associated with the particular event function code.

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