ABAP Enhancements - Modify SAP standard code using the SAP enhancement transaction CMOD

[+] SAP User exits and Customer Functions
Implementing SAP user exits and customer functions

[+] Business Data Toolset ( BDT )
Enhancing standard SAP using the BDT (Business data toolset)

[+] Enhancement framework (enhancement points)
The new way of enhancing standard SAP programs via the use of the enhancement framework

[+] Creating and Enhancing Infotypes
Shows how to create and enhance infotypes

Changing Data Element document text (F1 help)
Changing the F1 help of SAP fields

Retrieve values not immediately available within exits
Access program values not immediately available in the user / customer exit

Add fields to standard Infotype
Adding fields to a standard SAP HR infotype

Implementing enhancements using Business Add-Ins (BADI's)
Enhancing standard SAP transactions via the use of BADI's

Find a BADI called from within an SAP transaction
Find a BADI which is called from a specific transaction

Multiple Use BADI
Multiple use BADI's allow many implementations to be active at the same time

Classic BADI with filter
Adding a filter to a BADI means mutiple implementations can be active but for different filter values

Migrated BADI to enhancement
Some classic BADI's have been migrated to a new enhancement spot

Changing SAP Data Element field text
changing the text of dictionary data elements

User Exits to Add functionality to the PBO and PAI of HR infotypes
Adding functionality to SAP HR infotypes PBO and PAI

Implementing Field Exit
Enhancing SAP fields by implementing a field exit

Modify SAP standard menu
Adding entries to a SAP menu

Further SAP ABAP Development info

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